Welcome! The Beginnings of The Whimsical Mind

In the past few months I took a leap and started my first blog.  I have a die hard love for cars and have wanted to do a blog to share my adventures, thoughts, and experiences, so after years of contemplation I finally mustered up the courage to do so.  All despite the many fears that kept me from doing it for so long.  Now I’ve decided to start another- this one.  

Much of this “courage” comes from tragedy, though.  You see, I lost my mom earlier this year and it has left me swirling in this wild maelstrom of emotions and thoughts, both good and bad.  Her death is this massive mark on my life.  The timeline of my life was once one long, continuous string, but is now two strings; before and after.  This after is a new, albeit dark, but new chapter that I’m going to try to use to propel me forward.

Also, as I continue to get older I regret more and more the fact I have not maintained power over what I do and don’t do.  I’m done letting fear dictate how I live.  I’m done not having agency over my life due to that fear.  I won’t let external judgement or perceived boundaries and impediments rule me as much as they have. I also won’t create barriers that don’t exist.

This is me taking back that agency I’ve left up for grabs.  It’s also sort of a creative, cathartic journey for me; a journal lite so to speak.  While I won’t necessarily be pouring my deepest, darkest secrets, I will share some inner dialogue.  Maybe I’ll pose questions or ask for genuine advice.  Who knows, exactly?  After all this is coming from the whimsies of my mind.  

It may last a couple days, months, or ’til the end of my days.  Just the same, here it goes.


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